media release

Corporate Website Improves Again

Akzo Nobel’s corporate website has again shown marked improvement over the last 12 months according to the producers of an influential survey.

Webranking 2004—which was recently published by Sweden’s Hallvarsson & Halvarsson—ranks the best corporate websites based on a selection compiled from the biggest listed companies in Europe.

Akzo Nobel does not appear in the official 2004 list because the company did not fall within the stipulated selection criteria, but Hallvarsson & Halvarsson were still commissioned to carry out a full assessment of the company’s website. The results would have been good enough to propel the company into 24th position, had it qualified for inclusion.

This virtual ranking is six places higher than last year, when a similar assessment was carried out, although again Akzo Nobel was not an official part of the 2003 list.

This year’s survey analyzed websites on 111 review criteria, which were divided into seven categories. The company was awarded top marks in almost two thirds of the reviewed criteria, scoring heavily for the presentation of corporate information.

On the positive side, the comments said that the site “has improved when it comes to technology and interactivity,” while in terms of content, it “still does very well in the corporate information section.”

Recommendations for improvements included adding more information about share history, introducing a more advanced share price monitor and making a currency converter or share calculator available.

As well as running the rule over the quality of company web services for investors, the highly respected Hallvarsson & Halvarsson ranking also highlights the increasingly important role of the internet as a means of providing corporate and financial information.

(Released: November 25, 2004)