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DJSI reassessment – AkzoNobel reaction

AkzoNobel CEO Hans Wijers has expressed his disappointment at today’s revised 2010 Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) listing, which has seen the company relinquish its first place in the Chemicals supersector due to a technical readjustment.

A reassessment of the scores was necessary after an issue was identified in the software used by DJSI partner SAM to evaluate the results. But while AkzoNobel’s ranking has changed from first place to second place, Wijers points out that the company’s approach to sustainability will not be affected.

“I would like to congratulate DSM on taking over first place,” he says, “but the regrettable need to reassess the results does not change anything in terms of our commitment to continuous improvement. Sustainability is fully integrated into our company strategy and, regardless of today’s new ranking, AkzoNobel will strive to maintain its status as a world leader.”

Wijers adds that the evaluation procedure used by SAM needs to undergo its own systematic review. “We are closely monitoring the measures that SAM is taking and have made it clear to them that this cannot happen again. We have to ensure that we use a reliable and consistent external benchmark to measure our sustainability performance.” 

has been listed on the DJSI for the last six years. The company’s intense focus on sustainability is fundamental to its new Value and Values strategy, which was announced in September.

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