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Eka to Take Over Chlorine Dioxide Production at Aspa Bruk

Eka Chemicals has reached an agreement with Smurfit Munksjö to take over chlorine dioxide production at its Aspa Bruk site in Sweden.

A new process technology is to be installed at the mill based on Eka’s HPA technology, with the new plant scheduled for start-up in March/April next year.

The new HPA plant is controlled on site, but will be constantly monitored from the Eka operations centre in Stockvik, Sundsvall.

"Being able to run continuous monitoring of the process using qualified personnel gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with faster and better service around the clock,” said Anders Mehlberg, strategic account manager at Eka Chemicals, Akzo Nobel's pulp and paper chemicals business.

“As a chemicals manufacturer, we have considerable experience of running chemical processes and we look after the chlorine dioxide process for about 15 pulp mills around the world at present. This is a rational system and makes it possible for our customers to focus on their core operations of manufacturing pulp and paper."

Added Aspa Bruk managing director, Bengt Unander-Scharin: “It is of great advantage for us to collaborate with Eka over the operation of the new chlorine dioxide plant. The application of the latest technology and the improvements made to our joint process monitoring will increase efficiency and lower costs for us across the board.”

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(Released: September 30, 2004)