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General Manager Wins Top Award

The General Manager of Akzo Nobel’s International Paint business in Shanghai has received a top honor from the city’s municipal government.

Jorn Seiero, the General Manager of Akzo Nobel’s International Paint business in Shanghai, has been presented with a prestigious honor by the Chinese city’s municipal government.

He has received the Magnolia Silver Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Shanghai’s development.

Believed to be the highest honor ever received by an Akzo Nobel employee in China, the award was established in 1989 to reward Shanghai expatriates who have made important contributions to the city’s development or helped to improve its links with other countries.

International Paint Shanghai is the market leader in the marine paint market in China and Seiero has been General Manager of the business since 1997.

He was presented with his award at the end of September, when the ceremony was also attended by Leif Darner, Managing Director of International Coatings Ltd.

The magnolia has a special significance because the early blooming white magnolia is Shanghai’s official flower and symbolizes the city’s pioneering and enterprising spirit.

(Released: October 20, 2003)