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Herbol Adding Color to German Schools

Schoolchildren in Germany can look foward to having brighter lessons thanks to one of Akzo Nobel's Coatings businesses.

Schoolchildren in Germany can look forward to having lessons in more colorful surroundings thanks to one of Akzo Nobel’s coatings businesses.

The company’s Herbol® paint brand is the main sponsor behind a recently-launched initiative in Cologne which is raising money to help renovate some of the city’s most rundown schools.

As is the case in much of Germany, schools in Cologne suffer from a chronic lack of money, which means that many are in desperate need of refurbishment. Herbol has therefore agreed to supply all the paint materials required free of charge.

“We are very pleased to be able to support such a meaningful project,” said Egbert Steenhuis, general manager of Akzo Nobel Deco in Germany.

Money for the project will also be raised by the Cologne Carnival Committee. Scarves for the popular event are sold annually—with each year adopting a new slogan—and EUR 2 from the sale of each scarf for the 2003 carnival will be donated to the schools project.

The Herbol sponsored initiative, which was officially launched in November, will run for the next five years and it has got off to an excellent start, with more than 12,000 scarves having already been sold.

The first renovation work is expected to start during the summer of 2003.

(Released: January 7, 2003)