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Introdans: Bolshoi Bound

A dance troupe sponsored by Akzo Nobel is preparing to appear at one of the world's most prestigious venues.

Introdans, based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, will take to the stage for three nights in January as part of Akzo Nobel & Introdans in Duet, a special sponsorship program which was set up last year.

The program was designed to help the dance troupe enhance its international reputation by staging a series of performances in three major cities in three years, the first of which took place in Stockholm, Sweden, last October.

“We are very happy that Introdans will be able to perform on the new Bolshoi stage through the support of our sponsorhip,” said Ans Pot, Akzo Nobel’s advertising and sponsorship manager. "It confirms that the project really works for them."

Akzo Nobel and Introdans—who are both based in Arnhem—began their relationship back in the 1980s, when the company’s support of the dance troupe first started. Since then it has grown significantly to the point where Introdans stages a special show at the company’s HQ building every year.

The prestigiousMoscow dates at the world’s most famous ballet theater will provide the dancers with another opportunity to showcase their talents on an international scale, much in line with the philosophy of the Akzo Nobel For Young Talent Program, an initiative designed to advance the careers of gifted young musicians.

January’s three-night run will take place in a specially refurbished annex of the 226-year-old Bolshoi—christened the New Bolshoi—where all performances are being staged for the next few years while the main theater undergoes an extensive USD 190 million renovation.

(Released: October 25, 2002)