media release

Landmark For MPP Systems in USA

Akzo Nobel has started up its largest MPPE (Macro Porous Polymer Extraction) system in North America.

The system is in operation at Albemarle Corporation’s custom chemical facility in Tyrone, Pennsylvania, USA, where it treats process water.

The MPPE system is a patented technology using a Macro Porous Polymer filled with an extraction liquid to efficiently remove aliphatic, aromatic, polyaromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons from process, waste and ground water. With its robust operation and growing range of treatable compounds, MPPE is the ideal solution to many water treatment problems.

“The ability to treat a wide range of hydrocarbons is very important for our site, given that our products—and therefore our process water—change quarterly,” explained Ivan Riggle, site compliance manager at Albemarle’s Tyrone site.

“The flexibility of the MPPE system has allowed us to reduce our costs by processing our water on-site. Also, it is completely automated, so minimal attention is needed.”

Added Gerhard Scherer, general manager of MPP Systems USA: “We are pleased to provide Albemarle with a system that fulfils their water treatment goals.

“The performance is guaranteed for the life of the system and we look forward to working with Albemarle to meet their changing needs.”

MPP Systems is part of Akzo Nobel’s Pulp and Paper Chemicals business, Eka Chemicals.