media release

Massive Order Secured

Five giant liquefied natural gas carriers are being coated by products supplied by International Paint.

Products from International Paint are being used to protect five giant liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers currently under construction in South Korea.

The largest in their class, the completed vessels will be 277 meters long and 43 meters wide, with a load capacity of 138,000 cubic meters of LNG.

Being built at the Daewoo yard for the Belgian shipping company Compagnie Maritime Belge, each vessel will require around 400,000 liters of anti-corrosive paint.

"We’re very pleased with this order because the competition was intense," explained International account manager, Hans van Dijk. "The Korean yards tend to use standard brands to keep construction costs to a minimum. We were able to convince the customer of the quality of our products and the added value of technical features such as Intershield 300 and Intersmooth Ecoloflex.

"Intershield 300, a durable epoxy coating, is perfect for storage holds because of its high flexibility and coverage. And given that these vessels only come into dock once every five years for cost efficiency reasons, and the fact that TBTs cannot be used after 2003, Ecoloflex was the most suitable product for the underside of the hull."

One of the largest shipping companies in the world, Compagnie Maritime Belge operates 90 ships, including 28 LNG carriers.

(Released: February 20, 2002)