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MPP Systems Selected By Gaz de France

France's state-owned gas concern has chosen patented technolgy developed by Akzo Nobel to remove harmful hydrocarbons from process water.

Gaz de France has signed an agreement with Akzo Nobel MPP Systems® to use its patented technology for removing hydrocarbons from water.

A sub-business unit of Akzo Nobel’s Pulp and Paper Chemicals business unit (Eka Chemicals), MPP Systems develop, market and service separation systems for fluid and gas streams.

The deal with Gaz de France involves the use of a Macro Porous Polymer Extraction (MPPE) System, a new, highly effective technology with a lifetime performance guarantee which removes harmful hydrocarbons from waste water, process water and ground water.

Gaz de France stores its gas underground during the summer, during which time it becomes moistened by the water present in the surrounding layers of earth. When this gas is reclaimed to meet peak winter consumption demands—which are five times higher—process water is formed when the gas is dried before use.

This process water cannot be released into the environment and up until now, thousands of tons have been incinerated. Gaz de France decided to look for an alternative method as part of its environmental and sustainable development policy and selected the new MPPE technology for its Germigny-sous-Coulombs site.

Similar MPP Systems developed by Akzo Nobel are also in operation in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA, both on and offshore.

(Released: November 26, 2001)

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