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Open Shares Offer

Akzo Nobel is to make an open offer for the remaining publicly–owned shares in Indian company Centak Chemicals.

The company already has a 40 per cent stake in Centak, which will soon rise to 74.98 per cent following a recently agreed deal to purchase the Centak shares held by Century Textile and Century International.

The offer for the remaining 25.02 per cent of the shares will open on May 18 and will close on June 16. Shareholders will be offered 200 rupees per share.

The deal is being conducted by Akzo Nobel Chemicals International on behalf of its Polymer Chemicals business unit, which is one of the world’s leaders in the production, handling and supply of organic peroxides and other polymerization catalysts.

Centak Chemicals, which employs approximately 80 people, produces polymerization initiators (organic peroxides) for the plastics industry.

(Released: March 23, 2001)

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