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Organon Enters Research Partnership

Organon, Akzo Nobel’s human healthcare business, has announced a research collaboration with Danish biopharmaceutical company NeuroSearch.

deal means that the two partners will combine their respective research programs relating to GABA-A receptor complex modulators for the treatment of anxiety and other central nervous system disorders.

“The collaboration with NeuroSearch will further strengthen Organon’s research portfolio in the field of psychiatric drugs,” said Driek Vergouwen, managing director of research and development at Organon.

agreement gives Organon exclusive worldwide sales rights to compounds that are discovered collaboratively by the two companies. In 1999, the world market for anxiolytics was USD 3 billion.

will also finance all research carried out by both project partners and, under the terms of the deal, Organon may pay NeuroSearch up-front and milestone payments, as well as royalties on sales of compounds resulting from the partnership.

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(Released: November 28, 2000)

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