Paving the way to China’s urban regeneration

A look at Dulux Pro’s major contribution to a huge urban renewal project in Wuhan

Urban renewable is a big deal in China. In fact, urbanization is taking place at such a rapid rate that older cities are having trouble keeping up with the soaring pace of urban development.

So it gave us a great sense of pride when we helped revitalize the ancient city of Wuhan ahead of the recent CISM Military World Games. Colleagues from our Dulux Pro brand spent six months on the project, renewing a total of 14 city blocks.

“The renewal of cities and residential areas has developed into a new area of demand, driven by global urbanization trends,” explains Mark Kwok, President of AkzoNobel China/North Asia. “We have lots of experience in contributing to urban renewal projects around the globe, so we were excited to support Wuhan’s revitalization.”

It proved to be a challenging project, due to the city’s seasonally high temperatures and frequent rain. Not to mention the tight construction timeline. In the end, Dulux Pro delivered an extensive range of customized solutions, which included more than 40 color-matching plans and individual technological assistance for each building, based on their specific needs and conditions.

The company’s urban renewal track record in China spans several cities, going as far back as 2002, when Dulux Pro first got involved in an ongoing revitalization project in Songjiang, Shanghai. By the end of 2018, we had helped to transform an area of nearly three million square meters in Songjiang, covering more than 100 communities. Additional projects have taken place in Nanjing, Changchun, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Haikou, involving residential units, commercial buildings, factories, roads and bridges.