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Premium Salt Range Expanded

Two new products have been introduced into Akzo Nobel Salt's premium consumer range.

Akzo Nobel’s Salt business has extended its premium consumer range with two new products.

French Gourmetsalt and Havsalt are a new French pan salt and a new course sea salt respectively that introduce new flavor experiences into the kitchen.

French Gourmetsalt is a pan salt gained from the French underground salt layers based on a method dating back to the Roman Period. It has a rich taste and can be used both in cooking and to flavor dishes once they’ve reached the dinner table.

Havsalt, meanwhile, is a coarse sea salt with a natural taste which can be used in all kinds of cooking.

The two new products join Akzo Nobel Salt’s well-established premium consumer line, which already includes Ocean Springs and Sel de Mer Gros.

(Released: March 7, 2002)

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