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Protecting the Past

An historic bridge spanning the River Trent in the UK has been covered with Akzo Nobel coatings.

An historic bridge spanning the River Trent in the English city of Nottingham has been coated by Akzo Nobel as part of a major refurbishment project.

The six-lane Trent Bridge, located in the center of the city, has been covered with International Protective Coatings’ new generation polysiloxane topcoat Interfine 979.

Built in 1869 and widened in 1922, the structure is one of the first bridges to be coated with the product.

When used as part of the correct anti-corrosive system, polysiloxane coatings provide optimum long-term durability, even in the most severe conditions, lasting up to five times as long as polyurethane finish coats.

The coating is Mariner blue, with 24-carat gold leaf hand-painted onto the 500 intricate rosettes that decorate the fascia beams. In total, 11,000 square meters of steel had to be coated.

In selecting a coating system, Nottingham City Council was looking for a product which would not only protect the bridge right through to the next planned maintenance, but also retain a high quality cosmetic finish.

“We wanted it to last longer than the standard Department of Transport period,” explained Chris Capewell, the council’s team leader of bridges and structures.

“It takes a lot of scaffolding and expense to coat the bridge and it could be 15 years before we can expect to have the opportunity again.”

(Released: June 20, 2003)

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