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Rare Aircraft Creates a Buzz

A rare amphibious aircraft which is one of only nine models of its type left flying in the world has been repainted with products supplied by Akzo Nobel’s Aerospace Coatings business.

The TwinBee—which was repainted by Renue Aircraft in Cleveland, Oklahoma, USA—was recently coated with Alumigrip® HS high solids buffable topcoat. “This topcoat brought new life to this old bird and I’m really happy with the results,” said Renue owner Gordon Jost.

The plane was originally a 1947 Republic Seabee aircraft—which were built quickly and cheaply after WWII to serve the booming market for new civil aircraft. But Seabees were only single engine and, during the 1980s, a number of them were converted—at considerable cost—into twin-engined aircraft, hence the name TwinBee.

However, only nine of these converted models remain airborne. Fresh from its new paint job, the rare TwinBee sporting Akzo Nobel products is currently being used for promotional flights in southern California.

(Released: July 8, 2004)


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