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Sikkens in the Spotlight

An Australian TV company is using Akzo Nobel products to coat eight new mobile studios.

Akzo Nobel’s Sikkens range is being put in the spotlight after being chosen to coat a series of new mobile studios for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Sikkens Autocoat BT product range has been selected by Brimarco Industries for the project, which will create eight new 14-meter long expandable semi-trailers that can be extended to a width of four meters to provide sufficient broadcast studio space while on location.

Brimarco recognized the quality of the Sikkens Autocoat BT range and decided to use Sikkens as the first choice for all their projects, as Managing Director James Medden explained.

“The Sikkens products are very durable, easy to use and look fantastic,” he said. “In addition, the support we are getting is second to none.”

A system with high corrosion resistance is being used, including 321 epoxy primer, Autocoat BT black and Autocoat BT Scania White.

Added Sikkens’ Rod Perkins: “The fact that Brimarco have made a decision to use Sikkens on expensive, custom-made, long-life vehicles says it all. I couldn’t think of a better referral for the Sikkens brand.”

(Released: November 14, 2002)

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