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Six Million Reasons to Celebrate

Workers at an Akzo Nobel Coatings site in Brazil are celebrating again after passing yet another safety landmark.

Employees at one of Akzo Nobel’s coatings sites have smashed their own safety record.

The company’s Decorative Coatings site in Sao Paulo, Brazil, inaugurated a special plaque earlier this year after passing a landmark five million hours without a loss time injury (LTI).

But it looks as if another plaque is going to be needed, because the site has just sailed through the six million hour mark without an LTI.

More than 400 people work at the facility, which serves the Brazilian paint market with three brands, Ypiranga, Wanda and International. The site is also involved in resin production and houses laboratories and a distribution center.

The Brazilian workers still have some way to go to break what is understood to be the current company-wide safety record, however. That honor belongs to a chemicals site in Pasadena, which at the last count had gone nearly nine million hours without an LTI.

(Released: December 4, 2001)

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