Sustainability Fact sheet

Our aim is to be carbon neutral and use 100% renewable energy by 2050
  • Sourcing 100% renewable energy for our own operations
  • Eliminating carbon emissions in our own operations
  • Helping our value chain become net positive in emissions
We are charting a scientific path towards... 
  • Carbon in our use of energy
  • Waste in our use of materials
  • Harm from our products
...while delivering a positive social impact. 

Innovation is at the heart of our activities. By helping our customers to avoid emissions, we aim to achieve the goal of net positive. Our strategy is targeted at the total value chain.

Sustainable innovations

Dulux Weathershield Keep Cool

Dulux Weathershield Keep Cool

An exterior wall paint featuring technology which
reflects infra-red heat, resulting in:

  • Cooler temperatures by up to 5°C
  • Residents using less air conditioning and less energy
  • Independently verified savings of up to 15%
  • Lower carbon footprint
Interpon Reflex

Interpon ReFlex

Lighting manufacturers have made continuous demands
for powder coatings that absorb less light, allowing their
fittings to be brighter.Our Interpon ReFlex range helps to
boost the effective output of commercial lighting:

  • Uses less energy, to get the same level of illumination
  • Much lower environmental impact than other high-reflectance materials
  • Easy application and use
  • Excellent impact resistance and flexibility
  • Good corrosion and UV resistance


An additive for asphalt which makes roads more resilient
by increasing moisture resistance:

  • Ensures that asphalt surfaces last longer
  • Reduction in the frequency of repaving
  • It allows asphalt to be mixed and compacted at lower temperatures
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Creates fewer emissions for workers laying the road


KLM’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners use our Aerodur coatings
to keep them looking great while adding minimal weight to
the aircraft. The product helps to improve fuel efficiency
and reduce emissions without compromising on quality.
Compared with its predecessor, the KLM Dreamliner now has:

  • 20% more passengers
  • 23% more cargo
  • An environmental performance which on average is 20% better
Intersleek coatings

Intersleek coatings between ships

Intersleek coatings

Our Intersleek coatings reduce ships’ fuel consumption and
emissions. As well as the cost savings this brings, customers
can also receive a credit that can be sold to generate revenue
and verify their sustainability progress.

The scheme is an industry-first and shows the innovative
ways we’re both marketing our products and encouraging
sustainability. It rewards ship owners who convert existing
vessels to a premium, biocide-free hull coating such as
Intersleek. Based on the figures so far:

  • Over 4,500 vessels are currently using Intersleek
  • Total annual reductions in carbon emissions of around
    17 million tons of CO2
  • That represents around 1.5% of the global emissions from
    shipping, as estimated by the third IMO Greenhouse Gas Study
Wood Charm Woodcare

Wood Charm Woodcare

A water-based indoor woodcare paint with significantly lower VOCs than solvent-based equivalents (in China). It has improved flexibility and a balanced performance in chemical resistance and hardness. It also contains Polyurethane Modified Acrylate (PUMA) latex technology, which is helping to drive conversion from solvent-based to water-based paints.


Dulux Forest Breath

Dulux Forest Breath

An interior wall paint with an anti-formaldehyde formulation
and active bamboo ingredient. These special properties mean
it can effectively capture and purify harmful air pollutants
such as formaldehyde and benzine to keep indoor air fresh.
It also contains natural tea tree oil extracts which can
kill germs and bacteria to create a healthy home environment:

  • Low VOC
  • Mould resistant
  • Anti-bacteria

Essential partnership examples 2016

  1. AkzoNobel, Google, Philips and DSM agreed to source power from a new wind park in the Netherlands. Together, the organizations will source a total of 350 million kWh a year from the Krammer wind park once it becomes operational in 2019.
  2. AkzoNobel officially inaugurated the supply of bio-steam to Chemie Park Delfzijl. By switching from gas to sustainably generated steam, AkzoNobel has increased the share of renewables in its Dutch energy use by 10%. This constitutes a CO2 reduction of around 100,000 tons per year.
  3. AkzoNobel, Avantium, RWE, Staatsbosbeheer and Chemport Europe are developing a bio-refinery within the Chemie Park Delfzijl, the Netherlands.
  4. A consortium led by AkzoNobel consisting of Van Gansewinkel, Air Liquide, AVR, Enerkem and Havenbedrijf Rotterdam is investigating the possible launch of a waste-to-chemicals factory in the Netherlands.
  5. Team AkzoNobel's involvement in the 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race is strongly linked to our long-standing commitment to sustainability. For example, it is an ideal opportunity to accelerate our ongoing efforts to make the global shipping industry more sustainable by providing innovative products that help reduce both fuel consumption and emissions and lower costs for customers.

Key Rankings

#1 in the Dow Jones Sustainability World
Index for four consecutive years. In the
top 10 ranking for 11 consecutive years.

An A rating in the Carbon Disclosure
Project (CDP). CDP is the only global 
disclosure system for companies to 
manage their environmental impact.

98% leading score by Sustainalytics.
It is the leading independent global
provider of environmental, social 
and governance research and
ratings to investors.


... and we contribute to initiatives such as: ​




United Nations global sustainable development goals



World Business Council for Sustainable Development



Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead in Paint


Boosting Initiative for Collaborative Emission reduction by Power of demand of Shippers


Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition