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Winged Bridge Given VIP Treatment

A striking new winged bridge coated by Akzo Nobel has been honored with an official VIP opening ceremony.

Wynyard Cycle Bridge in County Durham, UK, combines a major piece of visual art into its design which gives the appearance that it has sprouted wings. The look is achieved courtesy of undulating steel sections that are attached to either side of the main section.

of County Durham’s national cycle network, the unusual concept was produced by Durham County Council, working with internationally renowned London-based artist, Peter Fink.

in three sections, each weighing about 20 tons, the bridge spans the busy A689 and is the first bridge to feature International Protective Coatings’ new polysiloxane finish Interfine 979.

newest addition to International’s premium range of finish coats that have been developed utilizing the latest in polysiloxane technology, Interfine 979 significantly improves on the color and gloss retention exhibited by typical polyurethane finishes. It also offers the same high performance anti-corrosion protection.

(Released: November 1, 2001)

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