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World Famous Bridge Coated By Akzo Nobel

The world famous Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia has been coated with International Protective Coatings supplied by Akzo Nobel.

The company beat off five competitors to win the contract, which involves coating the bridge and the supply of paint for future maintenance work.

Previously, the 1,149 meter-long bridge was protected with very basic coatings technology, which meant frequent re-application, adding to maintenance costs.

“Traditionally the bridge was coated with an alkyd/chlorinated rubber system which the bridge owners, RTA, put out to tender on a biannual basis,” explained Jim Mackay, National Project Manager for International Paint Australia.

“Over the past two years, RTA has been investigating a more cost effective coating system and consequently chose International Protective Coatings to supply Interzinc® 72, Intergard® 475HS and Interthane® 81HS to coat the southern approach.”

The structure, which is the largest (but not the longest) steel arch bridge in the world, was completed in 1932 and took 1,400 workers eight years to build.

(Released: July 29, 2003)