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The Kelpies

They’re the largest horse sculptures in the world, they’re as tall as a nine-storey building, they weigh 300 tons each – and they feature our International coatings.

From myth to reality

What's it like to stand inside a horse head as tall as a nine-storey building? If you go to Scotland, you can find out.

There you will discover The Kelpies, the largest horse sculptures in the world, which are becoming something of a tourist hotspot.

They are coated with a protective coatings system similar to what's normally used on a bridge or building. Weighing 300 tons each and 30 meters high, a total of around 10,000 liters of Interfine 979 was supplied for the landmark by our International paint brand.


Recalling the Clydesdale horses that pulled boats along the Forth and Clyde Canal and helped power Scottish industry, the two giant sculptures are constructed of structural steel cores and an outer cladding consisting of nearly 1,000 stainless steel plates.

They were designed by Scottish sculptor Andy Scott and were installed in 2014 as the standout landmark in a newly developed 3.5 km2 park. Scott himself explains that a kelpie is a mythological Scottish sea horse that inhabits the dark waters of the Scottish lochs.


This connection to a mythological past was the starting point for the project – but as it progressed, he drew more inspiration from the workhorses that were so important to Scotland’s development.

The structural steel used for the supporting forms of the Kelpies was coated off-site and shipped to the site in Falkirk for assembly. Visitors can see the complex steelwork on the interior of the sculpture on a guided tour that takes them inside one of the heads.

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