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With healthy eating becoming increasingly important, the food industry is turning to our low sodium, OneGrain like-for-like salt replacement which doesn’t compromise on taste or quality.

A taste for innovation

Salt is essential for life. It’s a crucial mineral for the human body. But excessive use of salt can contribute to raised blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular disease.

As one of the world’s leading salt producers, we supply the food industry with a unique, award-winning, one-to-one replacement for salt which uses less sodium, without compromising on quality or taste.

Known as OneGrain and jointly developed with flavor experts Givaudan, it looks, behaves and stores like regular salt. Launched just a few years ago, it’s now widely used by the food industry in products such as bread, processed meat, snacks, cheese, soups and ready meals.

Optimal balance

Containing the optimal balance of sodium salt, potassium salt and flavor, OneGrain is universally applicable across a broad range of processed meat products and can help manufacturers reduce sodium by up to 40 percent. Which is significant, given that many governments around the world have initiated sodium reduction programs.

Everyday use

The various salts we produce have many industrial and specialty applications, including everyday use as a retail food seasoning. For example, you may be familiar with Jozo, which is one of the best-known salt brands in Europe. Jozo offers a wide range of products, from fine table salt to luxury salt flakes.