A brighter, safer life for older people in Brazil

Nosso Lar – ‘Our Home’ – does its best to provide a good life for the elderly who live there, who have often been abandoned by their families or left to survive on the streets.

It relies on financial contributions and donations of furniture, clothes and other items that can be sold through its thrift shops, but while it has enough money to operate there is nothing left over for refurbishments or new equipment.

Decorative Paints employee Albertino Borges heard about the project through a friend and thought it would be a great project for the Community Program to support.

“I saw that the institution did the best it could for their welfare and felt it was a very noble cause. Helping the center would bring color not just to the lives of the elderly residents but also the people who work there,” explained Albertino.

An ambitious program of activities was planned which included painting the outside walls and making a kitchen garden, as the residents had said they would like more flowers.

Inside, the refectory was renovated and painted, and new tables and seats were installed which were safer and more comfortable for the elderly people to use. New wardrobes were fitted and a special ‘beauty day’ was organized for female residents.

“The employees at Nosso Lar were impressed we could change the place so much in such a short time, and even the quieter elderly residents congratulated us on making their garden more beautiful,” said Albertino.

Antonio, who lives at Nosso Lar, confirmed: “It is good for us that people come here and do different things, and the colors are very beautiful – they give us the perspective of a new space. This area is much better now. Even though I have limitations in walking, just to see it opens our minds.”

The volunteers’ hard work was also appreciated by the institution’s president, Erivaldo.

“This partnership is amazing. It brings better quality of life for our residents – the colors that you have brought them are ‘life’. After the external walls were painted it was like a pilgrimage – they all went to admire them. They were very grateful and happy with the results.”

30 March 2017