Interview opportunities for all former BHS employees

AkzoNobel is offering its support to people affected by the closure of BHS stores across the UK. All former BHS employees who have been affected by the liquidation are being guaranteed an interview for any vacant position they apply for across AkzoNobel’s 188-strong Dulux Decorator Centre network in the UK and Northern Ireland.

How to apply

  1. Visit the AkzoNobel Vacancy Bank webpage and search for opportunities near you.
  2. Complete an online application by entering information about your career history and upload your CV. Please state that your current or most recent employer is/was BHS in the section of the application form where you fill in your previous experience. 
  3. Complete online questionnaire as part of your application. This is a short questionnaire which will tell us a bit about your approach to certain situations common to a retail environment before we meet you in person for your interview.
  4. Once you have completed your application, a manager from Dulux Decorator Centres or one of our Talent & Resourcing team members will be in touch to set up a convenient time for your interview.
  5. After the application process, no matter what the outcome, a manager from Dulux Decorator Centres or a member of our Talent & Resourcing team will provide you with feedback on your application.

What are we looking for

For us it is hugely important that our customers get a positive impression from every contact, so we are looking for people who are good team players and can build customer relationships fast. 

We would like someone who is:
  • Good with people so they can sell all our products to our customers and help them do a great decorating job
  • Friendly and approachable
  • A quick learner – to pick up information on our products
  • Able to bring fresh ideas to the team to improve the way we work and deliver brilliant customer service
  • A great team player

Top tips for interview preparation

  • Do some research on Dulux Decorator Centres and AkzoNobel so you know about what they do
  • Read about the company values and think about how these apply to you and the way you work
  • Go into your local store and get a feel for the products and local environment
  • Check out some of our competitors and see how their stores are different to ours
  • Think about times when you have demonstrated certain skills or behaviors that we might be looking for to help you answer the interview questions
  • Most importantly, relax and be yourself