Managing dilemmas

Sustainability isn’t only about being a force for good; it is also about doing business better. Planet Possible helps us manage the risks that face our business, now and in the future, in an open, transparent way. It means we can prioritize and take action on the issues that matter most to our business and our stakeholders.

We’ve included sustainability elements in our corporate governance and risk assessment mechanisms. Doing so helps us to balance growth with elements such as safety and compliance.

Sustainability risks are integrated into the company risk management process, supported by sustainability-specific review. Risks are identified and assessed by management and functional experts in Enterprise Risk Management workshops. The outcome of all these risk assessments are reported to the next management level up, as part of our Business Planning and Review cycle. Risks are combined so they’re ready for an overall assessment by the Executive Committee and review by the Supervisory Board. The major risk factors for our company and the risk management framework are presented in The AkzoNobel Report.

We’ve got a well-developed group wide and business-area business continuity, emergency planning and crisis management processes which are regularly tested.

Issues and dilemmas

How should we act? With the potential for so many difficult issues to touch our business, we want to be clear and open about the way we manage the issues that concern our stakeholders. We have developed statements that clarify our position on a number of difficult areas. Here’s how we deal with dilemma situations: