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Application areas

Imagination is the only limitation

Expancel Microspheres - the world's favorite secret ingredient

Expancel Microspheres is a multi-performance additive that can provide a number of benefits, including cost reduction, surface modification, compressibility, insulation and low density. What is valuable for you depends on your product and what you want to achieve.

We continuously develop new areas of applications. On our own or together with our customers. Today, major areas include injection molded PVC soles for footwear, artificial leather, printing ink and paint. Other usage areas are microagglomerated cork and food packaging, cultured marble, underbody coatings and sealants. What is your application area?

Contact us for further discussions, our representatives will be happy to answer your questions.


  • Expancel Microspheres in agglomerated wine corks

    Food packaging

    A taste of the future

    Pop the corks

  • Expancel Microspheres for coatings

    Paint and coatings

    Paint, cool-roof coatings, printing...

    Read more

  • Expancel Microspheres for plastics


    Thermosets, thermoplastics and more.


  • Expancel Microspheres in paper and board

    Paper and Board

    It's about bulk, stiffness and more.


  • Expancel microspheres in technical textiles and nonwovens

    Technical textiles and nonwoven

    Sandwich construction, surface...

    Go there

  • Expancel Microspheres in underbody coatings

    Underbody coatings and sealants

    Fuel economy and freedom of design.

    Learn more

  • Expancel Microsphere in toy clay

    Other applications

    Imagination is the only limit.