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Expancel in paint

Lightweight and cost effective

Expancel Microspheres in paint

Why use Expancel in paint? Adding the lightweight filler Expancel into your exterior or interior paint will bring many new benefits to your product. You can lower the costs, reduce density, shorten the drying time, improve matting and lower emissions of VOC, to mention a few of them.  

The weight of a paint pot can easily be reduced when using Expancel, which in turn saves you a lot of work, energy and transportation costs. The surface finish can also be improved by adding Expancel into your product. An improved matting effect in a fine structured paint finish is one of the results of using Expancel.

Expancel Microspheres are small, spherical particles. These allow a higher particle volume concentration (PVC) with less binder needed. This gives a cost effective paint.

The spherical particles also make the paint easier to apply.

Adding microspheres into a solvent based paint means less solvent is needed in the paint, which allows you to reduce the VOC emission. Paints with Expancel can be formulated to a high solid volume which shortens the drying time and makes the paint provide good filling on uneven substrates.

On top of that, the water absorption will be lower in a paint containing Expancel.

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