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Expancel for food packaging

A taste of the future

Expancel Microspheres in agglomerated wine corks

The sound of popping corks often means celebration. And now we’re celebrating the US Food and Drug Administration’s formal approval of Expancel as a constituent in wine corks. Expancel Microspheres have been rapidly growing in popularity with wine cork manufacturers. And now the industry’s belief in the value of Expancel has been officially confirmed by the FDA. The approval means that Expancel has been subject to stringent testing and is deemed safe for contact with wines.

Microagglomerated cork

Expancel helps to deliver on the potential of microagglomerated cork to overcome some of the weaknesses of traditional cork. Cork is a natural material with excellent properties, but it is also variable. Adding Expancel retains the important benefits and makes performance more consistent. Wine, for example, wants to penetrate cork, which can then harden and lose its properties. Expancel Microspheres reduce this tendency, ensuring more even quality and the optimal granule structure.

  • Resilient: Expancel is highly compressible and has an outstanding capacity to return to shape.
  • Airtight and shrink free: Expancel expands to form a perfect seal. It does not shrink or absorb moisture.
  • No more cork taint: Cork taint is caused by the formation of chemical compounds such as TCA (Trichloroanisole). TCA can be strongly reduced or eliminated by cleaning the cork at granule size. By using Expancel Microspheres, you can achieve regular, consistent and clean cork closures, reducing or even eliminating TCA.

Synthetic cork

Synthetic cork can be a good solution in many applications. In theory, synthetic cork should avoid many of the inconsistencies associated with natural cork. But in practice, it’s not that simple. The foaming process is often the cause when there are issues. The key to the real-world performance of synthetic cork is the foaming process. Expancel in the mix ensures highly controlled foaming, giving very even and consistent results. What’s more, you avoid the use of chemical foaming agents that have an uncertain impact on the wine the cork comes into contact with. Expancel’s compliance with the European regulation 10/2011 for plastic packaging means synthetic cork with peace of mind.


Endless food packaging possibilities

The opportunities for Expancel Microspheres do not stop at cork. In fact, we are only just beginning to explore their potential. Expancel’s versatility can help you realize innovative ideas for a new generation of packaging and sealing solutions for food products.

Packaging for foods and drinks is a vital activity where practicality and innovation are key. Expancel provides an outstanding alternative for sealing food products, ensuring solutions with the highest levels of safety and consistency.

Sustainability is high on the agenda for the packaging industry and recyclable materials such as paperboard are increasingly popular. Expancel is approved by the German food-safety authority BfR for use in paper packaging.

The high compressibility of Expancel Microspheres ensures resilient seals that perform time and time again. No shrinkage, no water absorption. Expancel gives consistent results that you – and the end-consumer – can depend on.

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Contact us and discover for yourself why Expancel is the world’s favorite secret ingredient.