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Expancel in other applications

New possibilities every day

Expancel Microsphere in toy clay

Expancel Microspheres are used in many different areas and we constantly find new applications where our product gives added value.  

On this website we have given examples of applications where Expancel Microspheres are used today. Here are two more:

Lightweight foam

Here are some examples of applications where Expancel Microspheres are used as lightweight foam and the advantages they give:

Sandwich constructions:
  • Good adhesion between the microspheres and many different thermoplastics.
  • High stiffness in proportion to low weight.
Helmet in-liners:
  • Very good shock absorption.
Vanishing casting models:
  • Smooth and even surface and dimensional stability
Sound insulation and vibration dampening:
  • Cavities filled with foamed microspheres can reduce noise and vibration.

Modeling clay

Clays with Expancel Microspheres can give the following unique properties:

  • Superior ductility
  • Easy and pleasant to work with
  • Low shrinkage upon drying
  • Good storage stability
  • Long usage time
  • Paintable
If we haven't mentioned your product – contact us. Our multi-performance additive gives endless possibilities. We constantly find new unexpected applications where Expancel gives advantages. Our passion is to work together with our customers to see what Expancel Microspheres can do for you. Maybe your application is the next success story.