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Expancel - The blowing agent

With a nice and regular foam structure

Expancel microspheres through a microscope

Expancel unexpanded microspheres are blowing agents with a closed and uniform cell structure, giving a controlled foam.

Expancel Microspheres have a shell that encapsulates the gas, which gives certain benefits compared to chemical blowing agents. With our unexpanded microspheres (Expancel DU, WU, SL and MB) you will get a controlled foam with a fine and regular foam structure. This is especially true in low viscous systems.

Some features of the microspheres:

  • A fine-cellular foam structure
  • A stable foam during processing
  • Shorter cycle times
  • No post-expansion or sink-marks
  • An attractive surface finish

Examples of applications:

Mixing Expancel with chemical blowing agents

Expancel can be mixed with chemical blowing agents to take advantage of the capacities of both. You can for instance achieve a low density and a fine cellular foam.

Find out more about Expancel DU, Expancel WU, Expancel SL and Expancel MB or contact us for further details.