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Expancel DU

Dry, unexpanded microspheres

Dry unexpanded Expancel Microspheres

Expancel DU is used in products where no water can be added. Heat is needed in the process to cause expansion of the microspheres in the product.

Examples of usage:

Expancel DU is delivered in fiber drums, plastic bags or flexible IBC.

If you would like to try Expancel DU you can request a sample of the product.

Introducing the all new Expancel 920 DU 20.
Small and powerful!

With a particle size of only 5 to 9 µm, our 920 DU 20 will give a smooth surface and fine cell structure to applications such as artificial leather, wallpaper and more. A high expansion temperature and good chemical resistance are other advantages of this powerful microsphere.

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