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Expancel - The lightweight filler

With cost saving effects

Expancel - The lightweight filler

Expancel expanded microspheres are lightweight fillers with very low density, that along with other interesting features, give benefits to many different applications.

Our standard expanded microspheres (Expancel DE and WE) have densities as low as 25 kg/m³ depending on grade. This is much lower than for example glass microspheres and makes them outstanding as a lightweight filler. Even small additions of our microspheres will reduce the density of the end product.

Expancel Microspheres is a lightweight filler with low binder demand. This means that you can decrease the amount of binder in products without jeopardizing the properties. And save money.

The light weight in combination with other characteristics of our microspheres give further benefits to end products. One important feature is the fine and uniform pore structure consisting of closed cells.

Expancel is used as a lightweight filler in many applications today:

Some of the advantages that the microspheres bring:

Find out more about Expancel DE and Expancel WE or contact us for further details.