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Each tiny sphere contains a world of potential

Watch our latest video about the world's favorite secret ingredient

Even if you’ve never heard of Expancel till now, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced it in some form. For over 30 years, Expancel Microspheres has been a secret ingredient for many of the world’s top product developers. From the things used every day to the innovations of tomorrow, our microspheres unlock the best qualities to create the best products. Expancel is a blowing agent and lightweight filler in one.

Lower densities, lighter weight, higher volumes, controlled foaming, extreme elasticity, superior compressibility and cost effectiveness is just a few of the things you’re guaranteed of with Expancel. Add to the mix our decades of expertise combined with forward-thinking insights and you’ve got a partner you can count on. But don’t just take our word for it. Learn more by watching the film below.