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Protecting people and the environment


We support REACH, the pan-European legislation for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances. The aim of REACH is to protect people’s health and the environment through a risk assessment of chemicals produced in the European Community.

REACH is for us at Expancel a business opportunity, not a threat. In fact the REACH legislation fits well with our Product Stewardship commitment and our support for the Responsible Care® initiatives.

Expancel consider it's product as a formulation. The formulation consists of a copolymer encapsulating a blowing agent. The blowing agents are n-butane, isobutane, isopentane and/or isooctane. Since polymers do not need to be registered under REACH, Expancel do not register under REACH. However, we are in contact with our suppliers to make sure that they register all of our raw-materials. For the blowing agents, that are still present in relatively high amounts in the microspheres, we also communicate to our suppliers the customer usage areas. We are convinced that we are able to supply you with our product and that you can use it in full compliance with REACH, today and in the future.