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Welcome to Ethylene & Sulfur Derivatives

Worldleading – innovative – essential – for hundreds of applications.

Our newly formed Business Unit Ethylene & Sulfur Derivatives consist of the following businesses


  • Chelates and Micronutrients
  • Ethylene Amines
  • Performance Additives
  • Sulfur Derivatives


Our portfolio includes cellulosic specialties, chelates, ethylene amines, micronutrients, polysulfides, redispersible powder polymers, and sulfur products.

These chemicals are used in everyday items such as detergents, agricultural products, pharmaceutical products, food products, plastic bags and cosmetics as well as in the building & construction and aircraft & marine industry.

AkzoNobel offers a broad variety of chelates to the market, delivering tailor-made performance in different market niches. AkzoNobel is a leading manufacturer in the chelated micronutrients market.


Performance Additives has a unique technology base and profound experience in the production of high quality cellulose derivatives, specialty polymers and additives.


We are a world leader in the production of ethylene amines and ethanolamines. This leading position has been achieved through the highest levels of research, know-how, process plant design and quality control.


AkzoNobel holds a worldwide leading position in Carbon Disulfide and Inorganic Thiocyanates.


For information regarding

·         Organic Peroxides follow

·         Organometallic Specialties follow

·         Salt Specialties follow




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