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Chelates & Micronutrients

Solutions to every day applications

AkzoNobel offers a broad variety of chelates to the market, delivering tailor-made performance in different market niches. Chelates are used in agriculture, building & construction, cleaners & detergents, industrial cleaning, food fortification, food preservation, the oil industry, personal care products, pulp bleaching and in many other applications.

Chelating agents are used in a number of applications where they control the behavior of metal ions in water, a property used in industrial cleaning formulations and in pulp bleaching. Chelated metals are used for the controlled dosing of metal ions in applications such as micronutrients for plants and Ferrazone® which addresses iron deficiency in human and animal diets.

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, our chelates are marketed through regional centers in the Netherlands, the United States of America and Singapore. Our products are produced in Herkenbosch (the Netherlands), in Lima (the United States of America), in Ningbo (China) and in Kvarntorp (Sweden).

Our product tradenames include Dissolvine®, Dissolvine® GL and Ferrazone®.  

*® Registered in one or more countries

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