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AkzoNobel is proud to be one of the world’s leading industrial companies. Our businesses are active in Specialty Chemicals, Decorative Paints and Performance Coatings. AkzoNobel Ethylene & Sulfur Derivatives, based in Shanghai, China, is part of the Specialty Chemicals business area


Managing Director Ethylene & Sulfur Derivatives

Egbert Henstra

Shanghai, China


Director Control

Sander Bovee

Shanghai, China


Director Human Resources

Rena Zhang

Shanghai, China


Director Integrated Supply Chain & RD&I

Marcus van Tilborg

Shanghai, China


Manager Chelates & Micronutrients

Peter Kuijpers

Shanghai, China


Manager Performance Additives

Geert Hofman

Sempach Station, Switzerland


Manager Sulfur Derivatves

Ignacio Garin

Chicago, US

Specialty Chemicals

AkzoNobel’s chemicals are essential ingredients in everything from ice cream to asphalt, soup to soap, and plastics to paper. We’re the leader in several markets and sectors – including pulp and paper, where our bleaches are bestsellers.


·         Ethylene and Sulfur Derivatives

·         Industrial Chemicals

·         Pulp & Performance Chemicals

·         Surface Chemistry