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Regional Offices

Worldwide spread

The Ferrazone® business is marketed through Regional Offices. Please find our contact details below. Alternatively you can use the Contact Us form to send your query directly to one of our offices.
Europe, Middle East and Africa
Akzo Nobel Functional 
Chemicals B.V.
Welperweg 76, 6824 BM
P.O. Box 9300
6800 SB Arnhem
the Netherlands 

North, Central and South America
Akzo Nobel Functional
Chemicals LLC
525 W. van Buren Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607

Inside USA:
T +1 800 906 7979
Outside USA:
T +1 312 544 7000
Asia Pacific 
Akzo Nobel Chemicals (Ningbo) Co. Ltd.
Shanghai Branch
22F, Eco City
No. 1788 West Nan Jing Road
Shanghai 200040
P.R. China

T +86 21 2220 5000