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Ferric Sodium EDTA authorized by the European Commission

A new opportunity to improve iron status

The Chelates business of AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals is pleased to announce that its food-grade iron chelate, ferric sodium EDTA, marketed under the tradename Ferrazone, has been approved for human consumption in the European Union.

According to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1161/20111, Ferrazone can now be added to common food products, to dietetic foods and to food supplements. The permitted amounts allow a Ferrazone-fortified food product to be labeled as a “source of iron”. This approval is based on data submitted by AkzoNobel, so only food-grade ferric sodium EDTA manufactured by AkzoNobel is permitted in the EU.

Numerous scientific investigations have shown that adding ferric sodium EDTA to food is both a highly safe and effective means to fight iron deficiency (anemia). This disorder is a huge public health problem not only in developing countries, but also in the industrialized world, where a surprising number of people also suffer from it.

When added to food, ferric sodium EDTA enhances iron absorption into the body without imparting undesired sensory properties, like a metallic taste or teeth staining. Still and carbonated drinks, powdered beverages, condiments, instant noodles, breakfast cereals, table salt and virtually all kinds of flour can all be fortified with ferric sodium EDTA.

Ferric sodium EDTA has been used for a number of years to fortify wheat flour in China and Pakistan and powdered beverages in Brazil, Mexico and the Philippines. Medicines based on ferric sodium EDTA are used in India, France and the United Kingdom. AkzoNobel believes that foods and supplements containing Ferrazone will help consumers to achieve and maintain a healthy iron status.

A full article on Ferric Sodium EDTA's new opportunities was published in the AgroFood Industry magazine, September/October - Vol. 21 no. 5