Dividend information

Dividend Policy

AkzoNobel's dividend policy is to pay a stable to rising dividend each year. Cash dividend is default, stock dividend is optional. The dividend paid over recent years is shown in the graph on this page.

Year Interim Ex div date Date paid Final Ex div date Date paid Total
2016 0.37 Oct 21 Nov 23 1.28* April 27 May 24 1.65
2015 0.35 Oct 26 Nov 26 1.20 April 22 May 19 1.55
2014 0.33 Oct 23 Nov 25 1.12 April 24 May 19 1.45
2013 0.33 Oct 23 Nov 26 1.12 May 2 May 28 1.45
2012 0.33 Oct 22 Nov 23 1.12 April 30 May 29 1.45
2011 0.33 Oct 24 Nov 24 1.12 April 25 May 24 1.45
2010 0.32 Oct 25 Nov 03 1.08 April 29 May 10 1.40
2009 0.30 Oct 28 Nov 06 1.05 April 30 May 11 1.35


Interim dividend for the financial year 2016

The Interim dividend for the financial year 2016 is EUR 0.37 per ordinary share with a nominal value of EUR 2.00 each. The distribution will be payable either wholly in cash or in new ordinary shares distributed from the share premium reserve, at the option of the shareholder. Any dividend in cash will be paid with a deduction of 15% Dutch dividend withholding tax.

Shareholders will be given the opportunity until November 16, 2016 (1.00 p.m. CET) to indicate their choice. On November 17, 2016 after the close of trading on Euronext Amsterdam, the number of share dividend entitlements of each ordinary share will be determined (the “Exchange Ratio”). This Exchange Ratio is based on the volume weighted average price of all traded ordinary shares in Akzo Nobel N.V. on Euronext Amsterdam during the period from November 10, 2016 up to and including November 16, 2016. After determination, the Exchange Ratio will be published on November 18, 2016.The value of the stock dividend will be approximately equal to the value of the cash dividend.

The new ordinary shares will be entitled to the final dividend for the financial year 2016 and any dividends for the subsequent financial years.

Dividend rights will not be traded on Euronext Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, October 19, 2016

Announcement of exchange ratio

Akzo Nobel N.V. announces that the exchange ratio of the interim dividend financial year 2016 in shares has been determined. This will amount to 1 new ordinary share for every 158.8081 existing ordinary shares. Based on the average weighted price of 10 November up to and including 16 November 2016 of EUR 58.7590, this ratio (1/158.8081) represents a value of EUR 0.37, which is virtually equal to the gross dividend in cash of EUR 0.37 per ordinary share. Both the cash dividend and stock dividend will be transferred to shareholders on 23 November 2016.

For approximately 580,697 new ordinary shares, a request to admit the new shares for admission to trading on Euronext Amsterdam will be made pursuant to article 5:4 sub e of the Financial Markets Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht).

Amsterdam, 18 November 2016