Stock information

AkzoNobel’s common shares are listed on the stock exchange of Euronext Amsterdam.

AkzoNobel is included in the AEX Index, which consists of the top 25 listed companies in the Netherlands, ranked on the basis of their turnover in the stock market and free float. The AkzoNobel weight in the AEX index was 3.31 percent at year-end 2016. In 2016, 168 million AkzoNobel shares were traded on Euronext Amsterdam (2015: 174 million). In 2007, the company decided to delist from the NASDAQ stock exchange and deregister from the SEC. AkzoNobel has a sponsored level 1 ADR program and ADRs can be traded on the international OTCQX platform in the US. The 3:1 ratio (ADR:ORD) became effective from January 2, 2012 onwards. 


Euronext ticker symbol:  AKZA
ISIN common share:   NL0000009132
OTC ticker symbol:   AKZOY
ISIN ADR:   US0101993055
Reuters:    AKZO.AS
Bloomberg:    AKZA NA

At September 30, 2017 outstanding share capital consists of:

  • 251,897,780 common shares (with nominal value of €2)
  • 48 priority shares (with nominal value of €400)
  • No cumulative preferred shares (with nominal value of €2)