AkzoNobel a global leader

At AkzoNobel we create everyday essentials to make people’s lives more liveable and inspiring.

Key regions (by 2016 revenue)

  • Emerging Europe 7%
  • Asia Pacific 27%
  • North America 17%
  • Latin America 9%
  • Mature Europe 36%
  • Other regions 4%

We believe we can only grow our business as fast as we grow our people. All of our business decisions take into account the best interests of all our stakeholders, including our employees.

Growth since 2012

  • Return on sales* (ROS) up from 5.9% to 10.6%
  • Return on investment* (ROI) up from 8.2% to 15.0%
  • EBITDA excluding restructuring up from 12.1% to 15.3% 

*ROS% = EBIT/Revenue. Moving average ROI (in %) = 12 months EBIT/12 months average invested capital

Decorative Paints Performance Coatings Specialty Chemicals

We supply a large variety of quality products for
every situation and surface, including paints,
lacquers and varnishes. We also offer a range of
mixing machines, colour concepts and training
courses for the building and renovation industry,
while our specialty coatings for metal, wood and
other critical building materials lead the market.

Key figures:
€3.8 billion revenue
€357 million EBIT

Our high quality products are used by
customers across the world to protect and
enhance everything from ships, cars, aircraft,
yachts and architectural components (structural
steel, building products, flooring) to consumer
goods (mobile devices, appliances, beverage
cans, furniture) and oil and gas facilities.

Key figures:
€5.7 billion revenue
€759 million EBIT

As a major producer of specialty chemicals
with leadership positions in markets such
as surfactants, polymer chemistry, pulp
processing and chlor-alkali, we make sure that
industries worldwide are supplied with high
quality ingredients and process aids for the
manufacture of life’s essentials.

Key figures:
€4.8 billion revenue
€629 million EBIT


Sustainability Innovation Societal Impact

Our ongoing commitment to sustainability is recognized by leading sustainability indexes and rating agencies such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the Carbon Disclosure Project. We aim to make shipping more sustainable by reducing fuel consumption, cutting emissions and lowering costs for our customers.

Sustainability targets (2020):

20% eco-premium solutions > We reached 20% in 2016

25%-30% less carbon emissions > We reduced emissions by 6% in 2016

Monitor our
Resource Efficiency Index (gross margin divided by carbon emissions across the value chain) > Our REI was broadly flat at 112 in 2016

Our strategic ambition is to deliver a world class innovation and product portfolio across all our markets. Our 4,000 scientists around the world work closely with customers to develop sustainable solutions for the challenges people face every day.

Key 2016 figures:

1.83 billion spent on R&D in the last five years

130 Laboratories

20% of innovations will provide distinct sustainability benefits

More than 10,000 patents

Around 100 new patent applications filed each year

Finding balance between business and societal goals is an important part of running a successful and sustainable business. Our Human Cities initiative commits to improve, energize and regenerate urban communities across the world.

Key 2016 figures:

More than 300 projects

7,200 volunteers

Around 3.7 million spent (excluding partnerships)

More than 9 million people benefited



Employee engagement

AkzoNobel is recognized as a top employer in the Netherlands, UK, France, Sweden, Brazil and China Employee engagement up 17% over the last six years (measured by Gallup)

Employee engagement up 17% over the last six years (measured by Gallup)

Our end-user segments