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AkzoNobel's digitally enhanced Report 2014 published online

AkzoNobel today published its integrated Report 2014 online, which includes full details of the company's annual results and sustainability performance.

Also available as an iPad app, the highly interactive website features extensive use of infographics and intuitive functionality.

website also features case study videos highlighting the company's Human Cities and Planet Possible initiatives, as well as innovations such as the award-winning Visualizer app launched by Decorative Paints and Performance Coatings’ breakthrough barrier coating for paper cups. There's also an overview of Specialty Chemicals' ongoing work with various partners to develop sustainable alternatives to non-renewable raw materials.

CEO Ton Büchner:
"2014 was an eventful year for AkzoNobel and gave clear proof points that the company's strategy is working – despite economic and market challenges. 2014 was also a year of many changes at AkzoNobel, all of which were designed to make the company an even better place than it already is. We remain on track to deliver on our 2015 targets."

to the Report 2014, he added that AkzoNobel has made further progress towards integrated reporting, where financial and non-financial information is included to provide a better picture of how economic, environmental and social value has been created. Particular highlights include an innovative approach to environmental, human and social impact measurement.

with a dynamic "waterfall" design, the digital Report 2014 utilizes cutting-edge responsive design techniques and includes an interactive chart generator, comparison feature, animated charts and diagrams, as well as search-as-you type capabilities.

view the Report 2014, visit, or download the iPad app from the App Store. The print edition – featuring interactive Layar technology which links to the online version – will be available in April.

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