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Double Environmental Boost

Investment projects worth more than EUR 400,000 have led to key environmental improvements at two Akzo Nobel sites.

Plants run by Akcros Chemicals in Eccles, UK, and Greiz, Germany, have significantly reduced the environmental impact of their production processes, representing a major step towards the targets they have set themselves for 2005.

An effluent treatment plant has been installed on Greiz’s tin stabilizer unit which virtually eliminates tin from the liquid effluent stream. Waste tin can now be converted by chemical extraction into a solid that can be incinerated.

At Eccles, new refrigerated cooling systems on the Epoxidation plant, along with a modified water scrubbing and cooling system on the Acrylate Monomer plant, are making a major impact on the site’s emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

The site’s five-year target is to reduce VOC emissions to the atmosphere by 51 per cent and early indications are that the new systems have cut emissions by around 75 per cent.

Said technology manager, John Cryan: “These are significant improvements for the Greiz and Eccles sites. The Eccles investments have allowed us to meet the Akzo Nobel targets for VOCs five years ahead of time.”

(Released: December 20, 2000)

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