A brush with genius

Dulux is go-to paint for top UK artist

It’s amazing what you can do with some basic kitchen utensils and some Dulux paint. Especially when you’re a renowned painter with world famous clients. Meet Alex Echo.

Getting creative with Dulux

A spoon, a skewer and some Dulux paint might not sound like the beginnings of a striking work of art. But they’re all Alex Echo needs to create a masterpiece.

The renowned painter swears by Dulux vinyl matt. He pours it on the canvas, smears it around with the spoon and skewer and the results are dazzling.

“The viscosity of Dulux is perfect,” he explains. “It’s also color fast, is made to withstand the elements and direct sunlight, and is eco-friendly. Plus I can go to my local store and choose from thousands of different colors. It’s a fantastic product.”

Famous clientele

A native of Colorado in the US, but now based in the UK, Alex has been an artist for around 40 years. His work has been bought by the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Oprah Winfrey, while top British fashion designer Sir Paul Smith snapped up one of his paintings to form the principal pattern for his women’s spring/summer 2011 collection.

Now in demand all over the world, he says it takes him between four and eight hours to finish a painting, with each “immense burst of energy” requiring up to two liters of paint.

Shockingly beautiful

The shelves in his studio are crammed with tins of Dulux in all colors, and nothing gets wasted, because he’s adopted a new style which involves using up what he spills. “I have been collecting all the spills and turning those into paintings and they are shockingly beautiful. It also makes my process even greener, because I’m using virtually every last drop. Nothing goes to waste.”