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Eka Chemicals to Build New Silica Plant in Bohus, Sweden

Akzo Nobel’s Swedish subsidiary, Eka Chemicals, has announced a EUR 13.5 million (SEK 111.8 million) investment to build a new plant for the production of its HPLC silica product, Kromasil.

The new facility, to be built in Bohus, Sweden, will treble production capacity, with the plant expected to be up and running by the end of 2001.

HPLC silica is a separation product which is used to purify pharmaceutical substances such as insulin, as well as a wide variety of peptides.

Akzo Nobel expects demand for Kromasil to increase in the near future due to the rising popularity of administering drugs via spray inhalers, which will boost the demand for insulin because the dose then has to be much larger.

Hans Liliedahl, general manager Separation Products, when the news was announced on September 26: “Kromasil has been the worldwide leading chromatographic silica for industrial use for some years now. Sales have increased 20-25% annually, which is nearly double market growth.”

He added that a number of new peptide drugs are also expected to reach the market within the next few years, which will further increase the demand for Kromasil.

The news about the new Bohus facility follows a recent announcement by Akzo Nobel Surface Chemicals that it plans to invest a further EUR 17.2 million (SEK 150 million) in its Örnsköldsvik plant in northern Sweden to create additional production capacity for cellulose derivatives.

(Released: September 28, 2000)

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