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Eka Unveil Trio of Investments

Eka Chemicals, the pulp and paper business unit of Akzo Nobel, has announced a trio of investments totaling EUR 16 million.

Two sites in Sweden will account for EUR 9 million, with EUR 7.5 million (SKr 62 million) being spent to double the production of AKD wax at Trollhattan and the remaining EUR 1.5 million (SKr 12 million) being used to increase the capacity of sizing products for paper manufacturing at Boras.

The other EUR 7 million (FF 45 million) is being invested in Eka’s site at Ambés, near Bordeaux, France, where the company is building a new process unit for a new type of wet strength agent.

The new chemical is one of the few on the market which fulfils demand for low content of chloro organic bi-products in paper products such as coffee filters, milk cartons and kitchen rolls.

Jan Svard, president of Eka Chemicals, said that the investments, along with recent acquisitions in the United States, underlined the company’s commitment to paper chemicals on a global scale.

(Released: October 26, 2000)

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