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Employees Spell Out Safety Success

Employees at one of Akzo Nobel’s Decorative Coatings International sites have been spelling out how proud they are to have reached a recent safety landmark.

Staff at the Akzo Nobel Coatings Hungary plant (part of the Central Europe SBU) exceeded three million hours without an LTI last month and posed for a special photograph to mark the event. They lined up on a large grassed area and formed a human chain which spelled out the words Akzo Nobel.

“This is an achievement of which everybody can be very proud,” said Peter de Groot, general manager of decorative coatings in Hungary, where DCI holds the number two position in the deco market.

“But safety is something which is ingrained in our way of doing things and we don’t intend to become complacent. So we plan to redouble our efforts to raise our levels of safety awareness even further.”

Situated in the north-east of the country in Tiszaújvárosin near the river Tisza, the site is also home to a small commercial vehicles operation from the company’s Car Refinishes BU, with a total of 250 people employed at the location.

“This is a terrific achievement of which everyone can be proud,” added DCI QHSE manager, David Fitzpatrick. “Now we can look forward to the challenge of the next million LTI-free hours.”

(Released: October 11, 2004)

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