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International helps wind farms to produce clean energy

Wind turbines. They’re becoming a familiar sight, both on land and at sea. Did you know our coatings are protecting more than 1,000 offshore wind turbines, including some famous ones?

Changing the energy landscapeWith the demand for power and electricity increasing, energy infrastructure is struggling to keep up.Global pressure is mounting to find realistic replacements for carbon-based fuel, and it’s the humble wind farm which is emerging as one of the more viable options.Two of the biggest offshore projects to spring up in recent years are the London Array in the Outer Thames Estuary and the Gode Wind offshore wind farm near the German North Sea coast.AkzoNobel has supplied products from its International protective coatings range for both of these major projects. They have been applied to various components, including the foundation transition pieces and the monopiles.World’s largestThe Gode Wind project – due to be completed in 2016 – will generate enough electricity to supply 600,000 German households. Meanwhile, the London Array – the world's largest offshore wind project – currently generates enough energy to power around 500,000 British homes and displaces CO2 equivalent to taking nearly 300,000 cars off the road each year.Leading providerAkzoNobel is the leading provider of protective coatings for the offshore wind power industry, with more than 55 percent of global offshore wind capacity using the company’s coatings, including projects in China and Japan.