Helping architects create the buildings of the future with high performance coatings

Jean-Paul Moonen, Architectural Segment Manager for Powder Coatings

Architectural powder coatings are not only crucial for enhancing durability and aesthetic appearance; they also play a key role in the sustainability profile of buildings. With its well established Interpon brand and innovative digital toolkit, AkzoNobel is well positioned to continue to lead the market and better serve its customers by making it even easier for them to choose the right coatings for their projects.

Powder coatings are solvent-free paints used in a wide range of applications. At AkzoNobel, we have been helping the architecture industry create more durable and colorful buildings since the 1980s, and thanks our innovative technologies, fashion-forward color and finish options, the significant environmental and even cost-saving advantages of our products, as well as our world class quality and customer service, we have emerged as a leader in the market.

Sustainability is built into our business

Our customers – like us – want to minimize their impact on the environment, have strict sustainability targets and must meet strict regulatory requirements. Our powder coatings can help them execute their building projects in a more environmentally friendly way, since by their nature they contain zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), require less time and energy to apply and generate less waste during application than some other paints.


Innovating along with our customers

From buildings serving vital civil functions, like the Oncopole Cancer Institute in Toulouse, to buildings designed to inspire awe, such as La Sagrada Familia, some of the most spectacular buildings in the world are more rugged, weather resistant and visually stunning thanks to our powder coatings.

The creators of such culturally significant buildings demand nothing less than the best in terms of performance, as well as service. While our integrated global approach ensures that we can offer consistently high quality products anywhere in the world, we also work closely with customers to make sure that our coatings meet their local requirements and, in many cases, develop unique solutions for them.

An excellent example of this type of close collaboration is Melbourne apartment complex The Icon, whose Lego-like, expanded aluminium mesh exterior changes color as the sun moves through the sky. Our team worked with designers to create an entire new series of colored powder coatings that not only fulfilled their artist’s vision but also gave the ultra-durability required by the building’s corrosive coastal location. 

Enhancing the customer journey with digital tools

As the design process increasingly takes place online, we are continuously developing digital tools to speed up and improve customer service and make the design process more efficient and user friendly. For example, our new Design app helps architectural specifiers find the perfect finish for their design, make well-informed choices on which coatings to use and also specify these coatings by putting all the documentation needed for a complete specification at their fingertips.

Inspiring the next generation of architects

In today’s world, where life moves at an ever faster pace, attention spans shrink and cities become more crowded, it’s harder than ever to design a building that grabs one’s attention. In response, we continue to develop new powder coating technologies that push the envelope in terms of aesthetics and performance, such as our recently launched matt metallic powder coatings, as well as our new super-durable ultra matt finishes Interpon Précis.


Our high performing and visually distinctive coatings and innovative digital tools aim to inspire architects and empower them to use new forms of essential color and protection in their designs, helping them maximize the visual impact and minimize the environmental impact of their buildings for years to come.